Defensive Specialist

Detroit Defense

This add-on is for the X-Factor Defensive Guide from the Detroit Lions defensive playbook. This particular content can be ran from ANY 3-4 based playbook on the game however. In this add-on we will be taking an in-depth look at the 3-4 odd formation. This defense is great for someone that doesn’t have the finger dexterity needed to run the X-Factor Defense as the setups are incredibly simple for a very effective result.

The 3-4 Odd formation is one of the most popular over the course of the last few years on Madden. It has been a successful blitzing formation as well as a stout run defense. This year doesn’t change any of that. Once again 3-4 can be a dominant force. What you will notice however is that many Madden sites are selling the show blitz look that was popular last year where the linebackers all come down into the gaps. That look is absolutely terrible against any type of run up the middle as it only takes one movement for it to be points. In this guide we are going to look at how to create run defense, a blitz scheme, and a coverage scheme from the 3-4 Odd formation without showing blitz. This defense can be very effective for people who have a hard time with complicated adjustments.

In this section we will go over the 3-4 Odd basics like run defense and coverage shells. Obviously the best part of this formation is the intense pressure that we can generate, but if you can’t stop the run and mix in confusing coverage shells, you won’t be able to beat many people with functioning fingers. While these setups won’t be used as much as the blitzing setups, it is equally important to know them.

In this section of the guide you will learn the following;

  • Run Defense
  • Cover 2 Lock
  • Cover 3 Exotic
  • Cover 1 Max

In this section we will go over the 3-4 Odd blitzes. Each play is the same setup, aside from deciding whether or not to send 5-6-7. The difference is the shells behind them, and changing those shells can give your opponent a second of pause at the snap to create extra time for your heat to get home.

In this section of the guide you will learn the following;

  • Pinch Dog 2 Press
  • Pinch Dog 3
  • Pinch Buck 0
  • Universal Blitz
  • 34 Bear Cover 2 Invert in Video
  • Big Dime 2-3-6 Will DB Fire 2 Video
  • 43 Odd Cross 3 Fire