MUT Rewards


MUT Points is the brand new MutStore loyalty program that saves you money on your MUT coins. The MORE you shop at MutStore, the MORE you save on your MUT coins.


The MutStore Loyalty Program allows customers to earn "MUT Points" that can be redeemed for big discounts on MUT coins and to earn other perks. You can win MUT points by making a purchase on MUTStore or by doing any of the tasks listed in the program. Feel free to redeem your MUT Points at any time or SAVE them for a larger reward!

We will award you with MUT points for everything you purchase. These points can then be redeemed for money off on our site.


If you have an account on our online store, you're already a MutStore rewards member. All you have to do is start shopping whilst logged in on your account, and the points will start rolling in.

If you don't have an account, you can join by creating one. We'll even give you 200 bonus points just for signing up!


MutStore Tier Rewards

This is to reward all our loyal customers for purchasing coins from our store during the year.

Earn MUT Points on the go whilst buying coins from our store and redeem those MUT Points for free coins or huge discounts off your coins.

Silver Member

Receive 2 MUT Points for every $1 you purchase!

Gold Member

Receive 3 MUT Points for every $1 you purchase!

Platinum Member

Receive 4 MUT Points for every $1 you purchase!

MutStore referrals

Share with your friends and you both earn rewards.

THEY GET 15% off discount YOU GET 500 MUT Points

500 MUT points = $5 off your MUT coins.

You can also join our MutStore affiliate program and earn 10% commission of the total sale here. So if someone orders $100 worth of MUT coins from us via your link you get $10 and so on per order placed.

$1000 total = you get $100 and so on.

If you have any more questions see our FAQ page or contact our customer support team: