Oakland Offence Guide

Oakland Offense Guide

This scheme is derived from the Oakland Raiders playbook. In this add-on we will cover three formations that make up a very potent offense that were not covered by Sav in the Blackjack Guide. Once through this offense you will know how to use the motion from Tight Doubles to confuse your opponent, when to audible into Doubles HB Wk, and finally how to use Strong Close to control the game.

The Gun Tight Doubles On formation is essentially a better version of Gun Tight Flex, because with Double On we have an additional unbumpable receiver with the TE being on the line of scrimmage. With this formation we will be using multiple motions to give the defense fits not knowing what setup we are running when. We will have setups that attack every area of the field and there will be numerous setups for our base play. It is very important that you know AND USE all of them. It can be very easy to find a favorite or two and try to abuse it, but unless you are Madden Jesus, you will have more success mixing up your offense.

HB Quick Base