Stop N Go Tutorial

Stop N Go Tutorial

It’s Time! Time to learn the most valuable stick skill that one can possess to further their offensive success. There has never been a tutorial more requested from me than this one. Without further hesitation, let’s get right into it!

Sticky With Sav Tutorial

You asked for it, and it has now been delivered. This tutorial will teach you the skill of making your opponent look silly on the regular. If you have ever seen me stream or watched one of my YouTube videos you have seen me do this move. This move lets you stop on a dime, change direction, and turbo out of it. Please study the tutorial carefully, and use the FAQ’s to assist you if you are having trouble. It will still take some time to learn it, but once you do, this might be the most effective skill you will ever obtain in Madden.


A1: Odds are, when you are holding L2 along with pulling the left stick back, you are not releasing the left stick. Another problem could be is that you are releasing the left stick correctly BUT, you are rushing to push the left stick up. You want to get the feeling of how long it takes for the player to come to a complete stop. Once you get the feel down, it will not matter which player you are trying to get to come to a complete halt as you will have mastered the L2 + Left stick stop and go.
A2: When using L2 make sure you are NOT holding turbo. Another key element to focus on is that when you are holding L2, think of it as the left stick becoming SUPER sensitive. When you are regularly running in the open fielding just holding turbo and using the left stick, your player moves fast but not ‘elegant’ I guess you could say. The reason is because you are not in control of the players weight/momentum like you are when you hold down L2. So the key is, when you are holding L2, just gently move the left stick likeyou are legitimately controlling the joints of the players legs and the most subtle movement will allow you to gently graze just a half an inch on the field. This will allow you to split defenders which is HUGE in this game.
A3: This is something that will take time for EVERYONE to get used to, and even now, I still will occassionally rush into a turbo cut after using precision stick. When you release L2, as eager as you may feel to instantly hop on the turbo to really make your opponent eat dust, you have to let your players momentum SETTLE. This is another thing you will develop a feel for. Just establish a mental timer in your head that when you are done using L2 + left stick, before you hop on turbo, release L2, wait about a half second, then you can turbo. If you release L2 and then immediately click turbo, you will 100 times out of 100 do a turbo cut of some sort.