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Super Bowl LIII is practically here. The New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams are going to go head to head for the Lombardi Trophy in the greatest show of rivalry.

That challenge is flooding into Madden Ultimate Team as the Super Bowl program conveys a new fight to MUT with new things, difficulties, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Everything commences January 25 with six Legends known for epic Super Bowl exhibitions and 18 current players with SB encounter. It's additionally time to battle for a success with Red versus Blue Solo Challenges. Experience the Solos to pick your side, either Red or Blue, and do what you can to guarantee a major win. You'll likewise gain a NAT 94 OVR Legend.

The Challenges are essential to check whether either will Red or Blue win. Whichever shading has progressively finished arrangements by February 1, that group's Legend will get a lift to 95 OVR. The present status of the battle among Red and Blue will be in plain view all through the challenge and inside Ultimate Team itself.

That is not all things come in the Super Bowl Program! Sign in to MUT every day to discover increasingly content. The program goes through February 8.

Here are a portion of the players dropping.

TeamĀ Blue

C.J. Anderson, HB, Denver Broncos
He might be on the littler side of HBs, yet Anderson conveys an amazing blend of speed and power. His not too bad scores in Break Tackle and Elusiveness add to his enormous play potential and oblige his 90 Trucking. He's entirely usable in open space and can without much of a stretch be utilized to pound the stone between the handles.


Joe Flacco, QB, Baltimore Ravens
Flacco's exactness numbers shift a bit, however the way to utilize him adequately is his remarkable 97 Throw Power. He can shoot lasers throughout the day on shorter courses, so use incline courses with your WRs that are strong in rush hour gridlock to begin dismembering zone plans. When you drive the safeguard to be front-substantial, utilize Flacco's enormous arm again to take a few risks downfield. Be that as it may, ensure your rival is gnawing on the landfill passes you've been doling out.


Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants
Eli conveys a substantially more adjusted methodology than Flacco. His 91 Throw Power is somewhat of a stage down, however his precision scores are altogether better no matter how you look at it. Utilize short and medium courses to uncover jumbles, particularly at the space position. Your huge plays are going to originate from utilizing 1v1 matchups with your higher OVR WRs and utilizing stick moves to sever past the auxiliary.


Marshawn Lynch, HB, Seattle Seahawks
It's a great opportunity to run full mammoth mode with this one. Its a well known fact that Lynch is one of the more subtle and adaptable powerbacks in ongoing memory. It's straightforward here, simply ace the Truck Stick. With your planning down, there are not many protectors with sufficiently high handle to bring him down in open space. Extraordinary in short-yardage circumstances, his Trucking capacity alone is sufficient to make your own Beast Quake.


John Elway, QB, Denver Broncos
Perhaps the most powerful QB in this gathering, Elway can take care of business with his adaptable cluster of ability. His 95 Throw Power and high exactness numbers make him an amazingly compelling passer. Ready to make any toss, getting Elway on your program will effectively constrain protections to spread out more than they'd like, enabling you to exploit his 80 Speed to take simple first downs when inclusion takes care of. Barely any players can make this much disarray without anyone else, however Elway is one of those players.


Franco Harris, FB, Pittsburgh Steelers
Group Blue is about the substantial hitters in the ground amusement. Having Harris in your lineup has dependably given a double risk expansion to your hurrying offense. He's a strong rusher and has incredible Catching numbers. In passing plays, he more often than not draws in the consideration of second or third alternative linebackers. Harris is quicker than the greater part of those choices, and too hard to even consider bringing down solo by generally DBs. An additional advantage is his size and Blocking appraisals make Harris extraordinary in insurance assignments and lead blocking. He could be only the player you have to get your offense going in an intense fight.

TeamĀ Red


Malik Jackson, DT, Denver Broncos
While Team Blue got a rush of powerbacks and flag guests, Team Red is for the most part comprised of guarded juggernauts. First up is Malik Jackson, who is a flat out divider at DT. He upsets about each running path and can cut down nearly anybody solo. In any case, his appraisals to get through the O-line give Jackson a dynamic numerous DTs don't have.


NickĀ Foles, QB, Philadelphia Eagles
One more QB. The legend of Philly can convey goes in tight inclusion in the medium and short diversion. You'll must be more preservationist than a portion of alternate QBs from Team Blue, yet he's great under strain, gives enough parity to an offense, and is misleadingly great on the run.


Trey Flowers, RE, New England Patriots
In case need an edge rusher, look no more distant than Trey Flowers. He's an outright powerhouse with a 90 Strength and 92 Tackle. This is notwithstanding his 93 Block Shedding and 94 Power Moves. He can level numerous hostile linemen and power offenses to put more TEs or FBs in blocking assignments, which can remove some quality pass alternatives from the condition.


Malcolm Butler, CB, New England Patriots
In any case on the off chance that you support man or zone inclusion plans, Malcolm Butler is an unquestionable requirement include CB. Powerful in almost any job given to him, Butler is a cover craftsman. He can shadow any world class WR and convey reliable inclusion all through the substance. He can make huge amounts of progress in zone and is a great possibility for some User INTs.


Ronde Barber, CB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
On the off chance that you incline toward controlling securities, there are few preferable choices over Ronde Barber. Ludicrously great in any task, Barber is an absolute necessity include thing and will be the player of decision for some players. Regardless of whether you favor controlling something in advance, Barber's Play Recognition and inclusion evaluations will keep on bringing incredible inclusion regardless of whether you don't control him by any means.


Rodney Harrison, SS, New England Patriots
When you talk about protectors that simply contract the field, Rodney Harrison is at the highest priority on that rundown. There is essentially no shortcoming in his evaluations. Not exclusively would he be able to cut down anybody on the field, he's a standout amongst the best players to use on the infrequent wellbeing barrage. With Harrison in your beginning lineup, offenses will be compelled to shorter passes, also his hitting capacity could make turnovers. On the off chance that you win the turnover fight, you win in Madden.

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